CMS Issues S&C Memo on Civil Money Penalty (CMP) Analytic Tool

Nancy Leveille and Karen Morris in Clinical & Quality

Lyn Bentley, AHCA, issued the memo below related to CMS' S&C letter updating the CMP calculation process.

On December 19, 2014, CMS issued an S&C memo entitled:  Civil Money Penalty (CMP) Analytic Tool and Submission of CMP Tool Cases.  CMS has consistently told AHCA they could not share the details of the analytic tool with providers because the tool is software, and not available for others’ review.  Additionally, CMS indicated the information would be provided to State Survey Agencies via and Administrative Memo – a memorandum that is not accessible by providers.  AHCA is pleased that CMS has determined this information is important for providers to understand and has issued the information using a Survey & Certification Memorandum.

AHCA will review this memorandum, identify changes that may have significant impact on nursing centers and share this information.  In addition to the link above, I have attached a copy of the S&C for your convenience.


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