CMS: Categorical Waiver Provision for Power Strips

Nancy Leveille and Karen Morris in Clinical & Quality

As a follow-up to CMS’ S&C 14-46-LSC Categorical Waiver for Power Strip use in Patient Care Areas sent out on September 26, 2014, NYSHFA’s associate member, Russ Phillips, LLC, sent out this clarification after researching information on the topic to answer providers' questions and to ensure clarity.  The initial CMS document, while addressing many questions, also created a bit of confusion.  There will be more information coming out about this from CMS in the near future, but this will help providers in the meantime.

See attached “Power Strips: Making the Sense of it All” which also has direct links to the CMS S&C letter, the NFPA Code and a Categorical Waiver Declaration Form (template).


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