Survey Info - Life Safety Issues

Karen Morris in Clinical & Quality

One of our long term care providers in the Capital District has shared with us some Life Safety issues from a recent DOH survey that we thought you may find informative:

Dumpster Plugs
The new thing this year is that they physically inspect the dumpsters to ensure they are fully sealed and have a plugs. Apparently dumpsters have drainage spots in them that for health care providers require plugs. Our dumpster vendor actually offered to seal the plug for us. They are not our dumpsters, we just rent them like most places.

Fire Extinguishers
There is a NY Code that states fire extinguishers that are 40 pounds or less cannot exceed exactly five (5) feet from the ground. The fire cabinets we have had and extinguishers that have been in the walls for the past 20+ years did not meet code. We fixed it during survey so they did not cite us. But I thought it was interesting because the potential for deficiency was there.

Fire Drills/Education
The sanitarium was asking staff about what to do during a fire drill. We use the acronym “RACE” that a number of homes use. What he was really looking for was staff to call out “the code” then RACE. He was asking staff what their individual responsibility was during a fire drill. Who reports where. He didn’t ask management, but direct care staff. They would recite RACE, but he would say no, what do you ‘first’ do (meaning yell the code).

Dish Machines/Sanitization
They are heavily focused on the older machines because many do not have pressure gauge. Our machine has a gauge now, but never had one in the past.

Karen Morris
Director, Clinical & Quality Services
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