Narcotic Destruction

Nancy Leveille in Clinical & Quality

NYSHFA members have had some recent questions related to destruction of controlled substances so we reached out to the NYSDOH Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement (BNE) to see what the latest recommendations were for skilled nursing facilities (SNF).
Attached is the BNE's most recent document.  BNE remains the approving official for your method of destruction. The two main methods at this time for SNF are:

  • Flushing medications down the sink or toilet including duragesic patches
  • DEA pickups for destruction conducted via the state police twice a year (September and April)

Each SNF receives a letter from the DEA about 2 months prior to their community destruction dates (July and February for September and April pickup). The BNE noted the police will come to the SNF for pickup during this time interval, but your request for destruction to the BNE must coordinate with their pick up times.

If you use an alternate method to these two main ones, it must be an approved DEA method for the BNE to grant your request for destruction.


Nancy Leveille, RN, MS
Sr. Director, Member Operational Support
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