E-Prescribing Update: Required Implementation Date Remains March 27, 2015

Nancy Leveille and Karen Morris in Clinical & Quality

Terry O’Leary, Director, Bureau of Narcotics, NYSDOH and his staff presented information on the upcoming e-prescription process at our DOH/Provider meeting on Thursday, July 24, 2014. (See attached slides). They will provide a lot of information and some additional links to familiarize members to the law and its components. NYSHFA updated BNE staff on the activities taken since our meeting in the late spring and the lack of knowledge across the state on this new process. NYSHFA has requested a webinar that the state associations will provide for all SNF across the state and are awaiting a date from BNE to schedule. The implementation date for E-Prescribing remains March 27, 2015 and practitioners have been able to begin this process as early as March 27, 2013. In our discussions today, we again highlighted that SNF utilize physician/practitioner medical orders vs prescriptions while the residents reside in the SNF. The only time SNF use prescriptions is for controlled substances and for discharge medications. BNE needs to assess how this fits with the law. The Board of Pharmacy was interpreting the medical orders as prescriptions when we met in late spring, but was not that familiar with the SNF setting. In addition, we discussed how e-prescribing may or may not fit if a SNF has their own pharmacy services within the facility and/or if the multi-nursing home group has their own corporate pharmacy servicing their SNF. These are some of the questions BNE needs to do further research on before they can make final decisions. NYSHFA also brought up the ability for the nurse to take verbal and telephone orders and how this process will work. They did agree that the nurse will have the ability to set up the medications into the system for the MD/practitioner to then verify and submit, but does need further discussion on this part of the process as well. BNE is committed to working with the SNF providers and NYSHFA will continue to pursue baseline education for its members and also a panel to specifically discuss the above issues and other members to prepare for successful implementation.


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