MDS Focus Surveys Underway in Three States; Dementia Focus Surveys to Begin in NY Soon

Nancy Leveille and Karen Morris in Clinical & Quality

CMS is piloting two new projects this year. One is a Focused Survey Pilot project on Dementia and the overuse of off label antipsychotics and the other is an MDS Focus Survey Pilot.  NYS will be in the Dementia Focused Survey Pilot project and this is the information we have so far:

  • The NYSDOH surveyors chosen for this project will receive training from CMS next month

  • A total of only 5 surveys will be done statewide, and they will be completed by the end of Sept, early October

  • The surveys are unannounced and are separate from the certification survey cycle

  • Two NYSDOH surveyors will conduct the surveys in each of four facilities, they will be joined by 1 CMS surveyor in one of the  facilities

  • Only facilities of 120-175 beds will be chosen for a focused survey and they must have a minimum of 30 residents with a dementia diagnosis

The MDS Focused Survey Pilot project has already begun in three of the five states chosen: Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland. They will survey 5 SNF in each of those states.  In that project, a team  in Virginia included 3 state surveyors and 1 CMS surveyor. One provider in Virginia MDS project has noted  that the focus of the survey is to look at an individual resident’s MDS, and then track the care plan and subsequent modifications, etc., based on the MDS.  Attached is the request of information that the surveyors asked for upon arrival to the facility. Again, NYS is not in the MDS pilot project, but NYSHFA wanted to give our members information for potential future MDS evaluation. As we receive more information on the Dementia Pilot Survey project affecting NYS we will post that information as well.

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