Unresolved Nursing Home Transition Issues

Esq. Stephen B. Hanse in Finance & Reimbursement

NYSHFA, working together with Leading Age, HANYS and various regional associations recently prepared an Unresolved Nursing Home Transition Issues document detailing a series of unresolved issues relative to the State’s transition of the nursing home benefit and population into Medicaid managed care. The issues identified in the document were organized into four major topic areas: (1) cash flow; (2) other payment areas; (3) enrollment/eligibility/coverage; and (4) network/contracting, and provided to the Department of Health. As you will see in the document, it includes both the Department's replies to our issues and as well as the association’s joint responses to the Department’s replies. We have provided the document to CMS and also requested a follow-up meeting with the Department to discuss these and related issues in greater detail.

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