2014 Nursing Home Quality Initiative Meeting Update

Nancy Leveille and Karen Morris in Clinical & Quality

DOH held a meeting on the 2014 proposed NH Quality Initiative Program on Monday June 2, 2014. Attached is the proposed methodology from April 2014 and a letter NYSHFA sent to DOH with our comments in March, 2014.  In addition, we are attaching the slide presentation from this meeting. The components of the initiative are not yet final and we need to hear any further input/concerns/questions from you as soon as possible. The following are the main issues discussed today:

  1. Hospitalization rate: DOH recommended reducing the  potential score of 20 to 10. We discussed the relevance of this issue of reducing hospitalizations from a national and state level and that the complexity of improving this issue may warrant a high score vs adding more points to the Quality Measures. NYSHFA has noted issues related to the smaller facilities and this increase in weight could add to that issue.

  2. Quality Measures: we discussed potentially eliminating the resident flu and pneumonia vaccination rates since NYS has achieved a high level of compliance. DOH wants to the employee rate, but we recommended assessing the actual  rates of flu and pneumococcal pneumonia in NYS SNF this year and last to check on the outcome.

  3. Improvement over the two years: DOH is providing extra points for those SNF that have demonstrated improvement by quintile for Quality Measures. In order to do this, we need to keep a majority of the QMs in to compare last year to this year.

  4. Staffing Measure: use the cost report data and use all worked hours by direct care staff. This is being planned for 2015 at this point.

  5. Separate pool of money for the Quality Initiative: this is still being recommended by NYSHFA and others so it doesn’t put an additional burden on lower performing/disqualified SNF.

  6. Customer Satisfaction: also being planned for future programs. We requested evaluating the national effort to identify 3-4 questions that have demonstrated evidence predicting the SNF residents’ overall satisfaction.

DOH is interested in further comments after this meeting and NYSHFA will reemphasize the points we made at the meeting and from our previous letter. In addition, we will note any additional comments members provide to us.

In addition, DOH noted that the SNF 2014 rates should be finalized no later than the end of this week and the 2013 Quality add-ons will be noted. These will be posted on the DOH website - http://www.health.ny.gov/facilities/long_term_care/reimbursement/nhr


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