OMIG Corporate Compliance On Site Inspections

Karen Morris in Clinical & Quality

We have heard recently that OMIG is now starting to perform on-site corporate compliance inspections. Please note that OMIG does not need a special reason to conduct corporate compliance desk reviews or on-site inspections and can do so at any time.  The facility may not necessarily know a desk audit is being done by OMIG. We suggest that you carefully review the attached letter which was received by a provider. It includes the on-site visit agenda and the documentation the auditors requested of this facility.  You will note the documentation lists begin with #16 and #11, respectively, and we can only assume the requests for specific documentation are individualized for each facility based on the results of the initial desk review.  However, these documents should serve as a good starting point to review your systems and prepare for an inspection.  Additionally, you are reminded that every employee should know the name of the facility’s compliance officer. We have heard that OMIG has made random calls to facilities and asked whoever answered the phone who the compliance officer is. If you have further questions related to this issue, please contact NYSHFA.

AHCA has excellent Corporate Compliance Program resources available for NYSHFA members on their website. Go to:, then click on Facility Resources, then integrity, then scroll down to corporate compliance program.

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