eMOLST: Improve Quality & Patient Safety, Reduce Harm and Achieve the Triple Aim

Scott Jackson CMP in Education

Webinar Title:  eMOLST: Improves Quality & Patient Safety, Reduce Harm and Achieve the Triple Aim

Presented by:  Patricia A. Bomba, MD, FACP, VP & Medical Director, Geriatrics for Excellus BCBS

Date & Time:  Friday, June 13, 2014 from 10:00 - 11:30 am

This eMOLST webinar presentation is an educational program for physicians and other health professionals.

o    Discuss the basics of the MOLST program and eMOLST application
o    Explain how eMOLST improves outcomes
o    Demonstrate the eMOLST application
o    Discuss eMOLST implementation in nursing homes across NYS

eMOLST is an electronic form and process documentation completion system in NY and serves as New York's eMOLST Registry.  It is a web-based application for completing MOLST that includes programming to eliminate errors.  eMOLST includes the process for guiding conversations between clinicians, the medical decision-maker (the resident/Health Care Agent/Surrogate) and family, as well as the ethical framework & legal requirements for making decisions regarding resuscitation and other life-sustaining treatment and documentation of the discussion.  eMOLST may be used with paper records or integrated in an EMR or hybrid system.  eMOLST allows providers to sign forms electronically and print the forms to support workflow in the paper world.

Register Online athttp://goo.gl/X3eL07
(Or to register a group of 5 or more participants, contact Michael Warfield at michael.warfield@excellus.com)