COURSE ANNOUNCEMENT: TWO 2014 RN Nurse Educator Programs - Application Deadline March 28th!

Gayle Farman and Rick Patterson in Education, Foundation for Quality Care News

The Foundation for Quality Care, the research and education affiliate of the New York State Health Facilities Association (NYSHFA) is pleased to announce that the Long Term Care Leadership Institute will be offering two RN Nurse Educator leadership education programs.  A brochure and program information sheet outlining the course content, eligibility criteria, dates, time and location for these programs is listed on and also can be downloaded HERE.

These programs has been approved by the NYSDOH to meet the “Train the Trainer” requirements for the Nurse Aide Training Program AND participants who successfully complete the program will be eligible for two (2) college level credits from SUNY-IT!!

Applications and supporting documentation (see below) need to be received by the Foundation for Quality Care no later than Friday, March 28, 2014.

The upcoming RN Nurse Educator leadership education programs can accommodate 17 participants each. Historically, the number of applications has exceeded the number of available openings.  The selection criteria will, at a minimum, be based on the following:

1) the applicant’s statement of how this program will enhance their professional development

2) a letter of support from the sponsoring facility’s Administrator

3) the timeliness and completeness of the submitted application 

The applicant must be a Registered Nurse in NYS. 

If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact Amy Fischer, Program Assistant, at 518-462-4800 x21, or via email:   If you would like to fax the application and supporting documentation, please do so at Fax:  877-893-5744.

NYSHFA contacts

Gayle Farman
Sr. Director of Resource Development
518-462-4800 x34

  Rick Patterson
Executive Director
518-462-4800 x19