Nurse Aide Training Programs: Memo from Prometric

Karen Morris and Nancy Leveille in Clinical & Quality

Prometric has sent out the following memo regarding improvements/changes they will be instituting this year. Please note the Prometric website has been updated effective March 13, 2014.  

Dear Candidates, Nurse Aide Training Programs and Nurse Aide Employers:

We have exciting news to share with you! In early 2014, Prometric is implementing technology improvements that will have a major positive impact on the candidate registration process.  The days of a candidate needing to contact Prometric regarding their testing application status are over. These improvements will allow candidates to receive emailed status updates on their application throughout the registration/scheduling process or to verify their application status online. Also, candidates can feel even more secure about providing their private information (SSNs, credit card information, etc.) as we will be improving ways in which applications are processed and stored as well, more strictly limiting access to confidential data.

Preparing for these technological improvements requires changes to be made to the current application, so please read this section in its entirety:

  1. Candidates who submit a paper application will now be required to provide a valid email address on their exam application. By providing an email address, Prometric will be able to communicate with the candidate more efficiently than by phone or by US mail. We will provide status updates on exam applications, and send Admission to Test Letters (ATTs) via email in a much quicker time frame than by standard mail. New York and Arkansas candidates will also receive their score reports via email.  Note:  submitting an online application is still the quickest way through the testing process for many candidates.

    If the candidate forgets to include a valid email address, the application will be returned, delaying their scheduling process. Candidates who do not currently have an email address can create one for free through multiple carriers such as yahoo, Hotmail, gmail, most wireless carriers (Verizon, Optimum), etc.

  2. Candidates must use the new application that will be posted each state’s webpage on or about April 1, 2014. The new exam applications have a bar code at the top of the form. The bar code will help improve the security of the application process once Prometric receives the application. Applications will be scanned through a secure imaging process and stored in a secure database accessed only by trained processers, bypassing the need to have mail sorted and distributed and reducing the number of people that handle each application and payment. Applications will be kept electronically and all paper applications will be shredded.

    If the new applications aren’t used, they will be sent back to the candidate, delaying their scheduling processes. The new applications cannot be faxed due to the scanning process, so if an application is returned and a candidate or school needs to submit it again, the process cannot be expedited by faxing. Prometric will no longer be accepting faxed applications. The fax numbers are being removed from the website, candidate information bulletins/handbooks and the applications.

****Other Important Changes:

  •  The websites are being updated on March 13, 2014 with a new look and feel. The new webpages will allow candidates, training programs and employers to navigate through the websites more freely and find information quicker and more efficiently than in the past. Please notice that we have posted updated checklist forms, test site listings and a new change of address/name/duplicate certificate form.

  • There will be a standard Testing Accommodations application packet for candidates requesting accommodations under the ADA. Please visit the website for the packet. The candidate bulletins and handbooks will be updated referring candidates to the website for the packet. These changes will be completed by April 1, 2014.

  • We will be removing certain forms from the website and changing processes for facilities wanting to become an In-facility Test Site(IFTs). The current IFT agreements that are posted on the websites have been removed.  These are being replaced with paperless contracts that will be emailed to you.  To inquire how to become an IFT, you may email the “Contact Us” link on the Prometric webpage.

Please visit the and click your state to be directed to your state specific webpage!

1200 Lenox Drive
Lawrenceville, NJ 08648