Audio Conference: Evaluating the Efficiency, Compliance and Documentation Quality of Skilled Rehab Departments

Scott Jackson CMP in Education

Join us on March 5, 2014 for "Evaluating the Efficiency, Compliance and Documentation Quality of Skilled Rehab Departments" audio conference from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm presented by Leah Klusch, The Alliance Training Center.

This fast moving interactive session will focus on the role of the facility administrator or therapy manager to evaluate the services, process and documentation quality of the Therapy department in the facility.  It is very important for administrators to be interactive with the Therapy department, its policies and service delivery processes to the elders in the facility.  Leah is an expert on Rehab service delivery, compliance, documentation standards and internal audit processes to evaluate the department as part of the overall facility function.  Compliance and changes in compliance definitions and rules will be discussed (Jimmo V. Sebelius ruling) and specific changes for January 2014 in the Medicare Benefit Policy Manual will be reviewed.  On site audit process will be described as well as documentation of treatments and communication of treatment minutes into the MDS 3.0 data set.  Facility administrators, financial professionals and clinical managers will enjoy this very concise, interactive fact filled session and take specific processes and protocols from the session to do their own observations and evaluations.

2.0 CEUs approved for LNHAs and ALAs

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