Audio Conference Announcement: Dental Care and the Cognitively Impaired

Scott Jackson CMP in Education

Join us on April 8, 2014 for "Dental Care and the Cognitively Impaired" audio conference from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm presented by Lauren Rosella, DDS, MS and Julie Fanton, Lead Dental Assistant, Dentserv Dental Services.

In the United States, the elderly segment of the population is increasing at the fastest rate.  Edentulism is on the decline, and more elderly people retain their natural teeth.  It is estimated that 40% of nursing home residents have severe cognitive impairment.  Maintaining oral health in the cognitively impaired population is a challenge for caregivers.  The lack of daily oral care in long term care facilities, especially for the cognitively impaired residents, is an overlooked epidemic.  This seminar will educate caregivers on the behavioral management techniques, communication skills and oral care skills necessary to improve the dental health of cognitively impaired residents.

Points of Discussion:
Oral care and disability awareness
Appropriate methods of anxiety and pain management
Effective communication methods with patients, caregivers, family members and others
Breaking the barriers that impede oral health maintenance

2.0 CEUs approved for LNHAs and ALAs

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