PHL Regarding Hepatitis C Screening

Nancy Leveille and Karen Morris in Clinical & Quality

On January 1st, a new Public Health law went into effect requiring providers who provide “primary care services”, to offer Hepatitis C screening to those persons born between 1945-1965 only. This age group has been shown to have had a high rate of exposure to Hepatitis C.  DOH clarified at a recent meeting that this law does pertain to NHs serving residents born between these years. If the screening has been provided in the hospital or physician’s office, it does not have to be offered again at the SNF (emergency room visits are exempt from providing the offer for screening as they are not proving “primary care services.”) Compliance with this law will require a mechanism to track, at the time admission, the offer or receipt of a Hepatitis C screening test (see attached for definition.)  This screening can be added to the list of other immunizations etc that are tracked at the time of admission (ie influenza, PPDs, pneumovac.).  NYSHFA has requested that DOH post information specific to this new law on the HCS to inform providers and provide clarity of the roles of each part of the health continuum.  A Hepatitis C FAQ document is available at

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