DOH Revises 2013 Nursing Home Quality Pool Results

Nancy Leveille and Carl Pucci in Clinical & Quality


NYSHFA has been working with DOH since they posted the original NH 2013 Quality Pool results advocating for member issues. Today, DOH posted the REVISED results of the 2013 NH Quality Pool on the HCS.

Four issues were discovered with the original pool results that needed to be addressed and DOH has made the changes required. Therefore, these revised results may differ from the original scores you received. NYSHFA advises that you review your new scores and utilize the updated DAL, Interpretation and Methodology attachments to assist you in this process.

The first attachment is the Administrator letter and it provides clarification on the revisions and instructions on accessing your facility's one-page report. The second attachment outlines the methodology for the 2013 NH QP and the third attachment provides instructions on how to interpret your facility’s one-page report.

The Department will be publicly releasing these results in the near future and will make the dataset available on Health Data NY. If you have questions, please contact Raina Josberger at and also let us at NYSHFA know what issues still remain.

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