AHCA Webinar Title: Insights Into the Healthcare Ecosystem

Scott Jackson CMP in Education

Date & Time: Please note that the original date was December 12th at 2:00pm – 3:00pm(EST), and that date has been changed to December 19th 2:00pm – 3:00pm(EST).

Webinar Title: Insights Into the Healthcare Ecosystem: The National Research Report for Post-Acute Providers

Speakers:  Jason Stevens, Vice President, Business Development – My InnerView by National Research Corporation

Registration Link: http://webinars.ahcancal.org/session.php?id=12244

Session Description: Professional and policy movement continues to accelerate toward the need for healthcare providers to collaborate across the continuum. The virtual walls separating various types of providers are collapsing.

Join My InnerView by National Research Corporation to explore the first-ever report to integrate ideas and data from five post-acute care segments: skilled nursing, assisted living, independent living, home health, and hospice.

Attendees will walk away with exclusive findings on some of the most hard-hitting topics for senior care and other post-acute providers, including person-centered care, the critical importance of staffing, and the larger changes of care delivery within the healthcare ecosystem or continuum.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Gain a deeper understanding of the needs of residents and patients and how post-acute providers are meeting those needs.
  2. Get a fresh perspective on the post-acute workforce to uncover the driving force behind staff satisfaction.
  3. Explore the changing role of the post-acute provider and how to overcome common challenges across the care continuum.
Contact Information: Adrienne Riaz-Khan, AHCA
202-898-6332 - ariaz-khan@ahca.org