CMS Issues Corrections to MDS RAI Manual v 1.11

Karen Morris and Nancy Leveille in Clinical & Quality

On November 5th,  CMS posted the following memo on the MDS RAI website related to corrections to the most recent edition of the RAI manual that went into effect on October 1, 2013. Per CMS:

“The following corrections were made to the RAI Manual v1.11:

  1. The flowchart “ADL Self-Performance Algorithm,” which describes the algorithm for ADL function items in Chapter 3 Section G (page G-7), and the accompanying change table

  2. Coding examples in Chapter 3 Section O (page O-33)

  3. A change table page incorrectly transcribed from Chapter 3 Section O (page 3)

Three files marked “(R)” are available in the Downloads section below as part of this errata release. Note that two files are revised and one is a new, additional file. All three files include an “(R)” at the end of the file name.

Two previously issued files have been updated in this release:

  • “MDS 3 0 RAI Manual v1_11 and Change Tables_October 25 2013 (R).zip” and

  • “MDS 3 0 RAI Manual v1_11 Changed Pages and Change Tables_October 25 2013 (R).zip”

Note that “(R)” is printed on page O-33 in Section O, on pages 3, 5, and 6 of the Section O Change Table, on page G-7 in Section G, and on page 7 of the Section G Change Table to indicate that the correction has been made.

An additional file, “MDS 3 0 RAI v1 11 Chapter 3 Sections G and O Replacement Pages_October 25 2013(R).zip” contains only the pages affected in this errata release: RAI manual page O-33, Section O change table pages 5 and 6, Section O change table page 3, manual page G-7, and Section G change table page 7.

  • “MDS 3 0 RAI v1 11 Chapter 3 Sections G and O Replacement Pages_October 25 2013(R).zip

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