DOH Quality Pool

Nancy Leveille and Carl Pucci in Clinical & Quality


Last week all SNFs should have received the three documents (DAL, Methodology and Interpretation of the Outcomes) from DOH related to the 2013 NYS Quality Pool outcomes. Each SNF must go onto the HCS system to retrieve your specific information. Since that time, we have received a number of questions from members related to the Quality Pool measures and criteria that lead you to your individual quintiles. Attached is the March 2013 PowerPoint presentation that NYSHFA sent out earlier this year with the specific information related to each component of the Quality Pool for your reference. In addition, DOH has posted information for all SNFs on the HCS and NYSHFA has directed members to the HCS since the spring for the FAQ and the archived webinars DOH provided in June. If you have questions about your final outcome, DOH has asked that you email Raina Josberger at NYSHFA will also help to answer questions or bring potential errors in this system to their attention as we have in the last round.

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