CMS Issues Guidance on Shutdown

Nancy Leveille and Karen Morris in Clinical & Quality

AHCA sent us the attached guidance from CMS on how states are to handle deficiencies and follow up visits following the shutdown.  Please note two questions in particular that AHCA received from a number of states and members and posed to CMS: 

  • B3 about fixing IJs (posed on bottom of page 4 continuing on to page 5 is the one that was received most frequently and submitted to CMS).  The answer is the time for fixing IJs will be linked to the date the citation was issued not the date of inspection.  Also IJs that were issued prior to the shutdown but a revisit was delayed will be considered abated if evidence of fixing the problem is well documented.
  • B5 about Civil Money Penalties (CMP) or Denial of Payment for New Admissions (DPNA), (posed on page 5 and continuing onto page 6). If credible evidence is submitted to State Survey Agency (SSA) during the shut-down or is found at revisit that problem was resolved, CMPs or DPNA will be discontinued as of that date (see detailed criteria on page 6 of attached memo).
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