DOH Releases Additional Training Dates for e-FINDS in October, 2013

Karen Morris and Nancy Leveille in Clinical & Quality


DOH has set up additional training dates for those facilities that have not been able to attend training on the E-Finds system.The new dates started on Oct 8 and will end with one on Oct 30, 2013.

The eFINDS application is the Health Commerce System (HCS) platform for sharing of patient/resident location information when facilities need to relocate their patients or residents.  The application captures minimal amounts of data, and allows facilities to track the patient/resident movement to other facilities, facility types or temporary shelters.  This information is shared in real time by Health Commerce System authorized users statewide, and was designed to document patient/resident location, as well as provide day to day or hourly updates as needed.

Staff from the NYSDOH Office of Health Systems Management and the Office of Health Emergency Preparedness will be following up with those facilities that have not yet completed the training.

Facilities that have already had a sufficient number of staff complete the e-FINDS training may disregard this announcement.

Please see attached memo for specific dates and registration information.

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