AHCA: Federal Government Shutdown - Impact on CMS and Nursing Centers

Nancy Leveille and Karen Morris in Clinical & Quality


AHCA has shared the information below regarding the Federal Government shutdowns and the impact on CMS and Nursing Centers:

There is considerable concern among members about how the Federal Government shutdown will impact centers who have an open survey which resulted in either CMPs or a DPNA.  After a brief call with CMS, we understand that the language Congress uses related to re-funding government activities as well as what will be funded related to the “shutdown period” will determine how such CMPs and DPNAs will be considered. 

We believe that CMS might have more flexibility in terms of CMP accrual.  We encourage all centers that are in an open survey period that resulted in either CMPs or DPNA do the following:

1)     Keep a very accurate record of the date on which the center alleges compliance with the regulations identified in their 2567 as not achieving compliance.  This record should also include what the center has done to achieve compliance.

2)     Maintain a record of how the center has continued to maintain compliance. 

NYSHFA will continue to inform you as we learn more.

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