DOH/Provider Meeting September 2013

Nancy Leveille in Clinical & Quality


The following is a synopsis of our most recent meeting:

Electronic Plans Of Correction:

DOH noted that SNF have provided a lot of valuable input to DOH on this new system which has helped to make it work better for all parties. SNF generally are reporting quicker receipt of the approval of the POC through this process. NYSHFA is identifying some inconsistencies in area offices with the timeliness of SOD and now EPOC’s.  We will continue to track for any trends and further discuss at the next meeting. Many SNF feel using this technology is improving the system.

Sprinkler Regulation

The Smoking Regulation was enacted in August and the surveyors are checking on the implementation during survey.  A memo was sent to all New York City SNFs last week to provide guidance on the elevator and machine rooms specific to this NYC area due to a conflict with FDNY, NYC Building Code and CMS regulations.  This was a three year effort from NYSHFA to get this group to agree and finalize this guidance .If any NYC facilities have not received this guidance, please contact us.

Smoking Law

NYSHFA has identified the issues that negatively affect SNFs once this law goes into effect across NYS.  We have provided input to DOH as they develop the guidance and are setting plans to meet with the legislator who initiated this law. NYSHFA will keep you posted on our activities.


E-cigarettes can be used in SNF but they should follow the guidance of using electrical equipment near oxygen and like any new equipment be cleared by your maintenance department.

QIS Update

The QIS process is being taught to all new surveyors and is continuing to evolve across the state. The average # of deficiencies is almost the same for QIS and traditional surveys, 4.9 and 5.1 deficiencies per survey respectively.

Medical Director/Physician Guidance

DOH has approved a grant using CMP dollars to implement these guidelines.  NYSHFA will be working with NYMDA, DOH and HANYS on this project.

CMS 13-57 Applicability of CMP’s Escrow IIDR

Only one to two IIDR’s have occurred using this new process. Nothing significant to report except that SNFs are not using this process.  Civil Money Penalty dollars are currently being targeted to be used in NYS SNF as evidenced by newly released grants for dementia care, customer satisfaction and medical director guidance.

Hurricane Sandy Reimbursement:

They noted the DOH’s 9/13/13 DAL outlined the final recommendations for reimbursements. DOH remitted approximately $7million to SNF who had no reconciliation discrepancies via Medicaid payment cycle 1883. The last 14% of SNF had until Oct 7, 2013 to get the additional data to DOH for final reconciliation. Payment will occur once that process is complete.

Medicaid Managed Care Update:

DOH gave an update the similar to what NYSHFA reported to members in our Member Mailing of September 19, 2013.  Please refer to that memo for full information.

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