NYSHFAs 2013 Practical Guide to Investigating Abuse Complaints in NYS SNFs

Nancy Leveille and Karen Morris in Clinical & Quality

We are happy to send you our 2013 revised “NYSHFA's Practical Guide to Investigating Abuse Complaints in New York State Skilled Nursing Facilities.”  This workbook is a great resource and educational tool for your skilled nursing home staff updated from our popular 2002 edition.  We have included a variety of tools to assist you and your staff with the investigations and follow–up processes.  They are guides to assist you with your process and ensure that you are thorough in your investigations and reporting.  This workbook is being set up on our website because it has live links to all the important reference materials.  To save a copy or use it live from our website go to www.nyshfa.org, sign in using your User ID and password.  Click on “Facility Resources” from the home page, “Clinical Resources” and then “Facility Operations.”  The document is titled; “NYSHFA’s Practical Guide to Investigating Abuse Complaints in NYS SNFs.”  It is recommended that you download a copy of the document to your computer and view it using the Acrobat reader.  This way, the Internet links will open in a new browser, allowing you to move back and forth between the document and attached materials.  To do this, do a “File”, “Save As” and “Save” to a folder on your computer.

If you desire a hard copy, we will be setting up a future member mailing in a couple weeks with instructions for ordering one.

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  Karen Morris, RN, MS
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