DAL Regarding Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Karen Morris and Nancy Leveille in Clinical & Quality

The attached DAL related to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was posted to the HCS this past week. The DAL is a reminder to all health care service providers of their obligations under the ADA. As a health care provider you are required, by one or more laws associated with the ADA, to ensure that health services are fully accessible and equally provided to individuals with disabilities. As such, an individual with a disability must have access to the same health care services that someone without a disability receives.

The NYSDOH advises all providers to evaluate their facilities’ compliance with these laws and to develop a plan to become compliant, as needed, to ensure that individuals with disabilities have full and equal access to programs and services.

The DAL provides a comprehensive outline of the steps providers can take to “ensure access to health care services” as defined by the law,  including removal of physical barriers, providing “auxiliary aids and services” and making reasonable changes to policies, practices and procedures.

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