Nursing Home Quality Pool - Cost Report Filing Dates

Karen Morris and Nancy Leveille in Clinical & Quality

The final compliance component of the Nursing Home Quality Pool is the timely submission of the 2012 Cost Report.   For calendar year filers, the deadline to submit cost reports is August 16, 2013. For fiscal year filers, the deadline to submit cost reports is September 30, 2013. (Note: Another component of the Quality Pool was the timely submission of the Annual Immunization Report which was due May 1st.)

In June, DOH conducted two webinars with the New York State Nursing Homes on the methodology of the 2013 Nursing Home Quality Pool.  Below, they have provided the links to an audio presentation of the June PowerPoint, the slides, Q & As and an updated methodology.  If you have any questions, please contact DOH at

Directions to access the power point and Q&As:
After logging onto the Health Commerce System (HCS -, click on the link below.

Audio of the PowerPoint:

PowerPoint slides from June webinar:

Q & A from the June 2013 webinars:

Updated methodology:

Documents can also be accessed by following the instructions below:
1. Log on to the HCS at
2. At the security screen, enter your HCS ID and password.
3. At the Health Commerce System Welcome Page, select "Nursing Home Cost Report" under the heading "Applications".
4. Under the heading "Webinars 2013" there are four bullets with links to each document.

Contact information for DOH:
Nursing Home Quality Pool BML
New York State Department of Health
Office of Quality and Patient Safety
(518) 486-9012

NYSHFA contacts: 

Nancy Leveille
Sr. Director, Member Operational Support Services
518-462-4800 ext 20 


Karen Morris
Director, Clinical & Quality Services
518-462-4800 ext 15 

refer to mm2013-418