Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement: I-Stop Update/Clarification

Esq. Nancy Leveille and Stephen B. Hanse in Clinical & Quality

As we get closer to the August 27, 2013 target date to implement I-Stop (see MM July 8, 2013 and May 30, 2013), we have one clarification. PHL notes that the only time a Prescriber does not need to refer to the Prescription Monitoring Registry prior to prescribing a Controlled substance is when All Three of the following occurs:  Per Public Health Law Section 3343-a (2)(a)(vii)

(vii) a practitioner when:
     (A)  it  is not reasonably possible for the practitioner to access the registry in a timely manner;
     (B) no other practitioner or designee authorized to access the registry, pursuant to paragraph (b) of this subdivision, is reasonably avail-able; and
     (C)  the quantity of controlled substance prescribed does not exceed a five day supply if the controlled substance were used in accordance with the directions for use;

Therefore, the only time the 5 day supply comes into play is when A and B of the above PHL also exist.



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