Karen Morris and Nancy Leveille in Clinical & Quality

DOH has posted a revised FAQ document (June 2013) to the HCS for the SCREEN/PASRR requirements. The revised FAQs include additional Q&As in the following sections:

  • Screen Requirements (Q 14-26);
  • Level I Review for Mental Illness (Q 44-56); and
  • Level II Recommendations  (Q 67-85.)

*Note that a new section has been added “Requirements for RHCF Admission from Out of State (Q 88-92.)
 Know the rules:

  • Every new admission to a RHCF must have a SCREEN completed prior to admission regardless of the reason for the admission or the length of stay. This includes short stay residents (Q 25.)
  • If a resident has been discharged for any length of time and is again admitted to the RHCF, they are considered a new admission and require a SCREEN (Q 20.)
  • If they were admitted to the hospital and are being readmitted to the RHCF after discharge from the hospital, they are not considered a new admission (because the hospital is not considered an appropriate discharge location per the regulations) and therefore, they do not require a SCREEN, unless the person was newly diagnosed with a mental illness or developmental disability during the hospitalization (Q 21.)
  • A copy of the resident’s most recent SCREEN should accompany the resident on any transfer to the hospital (Q 24.)



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