Meeting with State Education Board of Nursing

Karen Morris and Nancy Leveille in Clinical & Quality

We recently met with Suzanne Sullivan, the current Executive Secretary for Nursing at the NY State Education Department. Ms Sullivan is a Registered Nurse and attorney and previously worked in the Office of Professions as a prosecutor.  Ann Benson, RN, who also works in SED, joined the meeting. Ann has a number of years working in nursing homes and as a nursing instructor. Ms Sullivan also oversees many other professions under State Education.

We had had a long standing professional relationship with the former Executive Secretary, Barbara Zittel, and had worked with her successfully in redefining the standards for nursing practice related to IV therapy in long term care facilities. Our intent was to introduce Ms. Sullivan to our roles at NYSHFA and with the Foundation for Quality Care and to develop that same relationship with her and her staff and meet regularly to discuss professional practice issues.

Among the topics we discussed were our members concerns related to hiring new nursing graduates.  Members of the Clinical and Quality Committee have had an ongoing dialogue related to the amount of orientation these new graduates require related to even fundamental competencies, such as insertion of foley catheters and administering injections.  We also discussed the issue of drug diversion, which Ms. Sullivan reported has become a major focus in all levels of healthcare.  Although many levels of healthcare have initiated the use of automated dispensing systems, they are still seeing ways in which the systems are being compromised by diverters.  

Ms Sullivan has agreed to be a guest speaker this fall at a Clinical and Quality Committee Meeting.  If you have comments or concerns you would like included in our meeting with State Ed, please let us know. 

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