Courtney Burke Assumes Deputy Secretary for Health Position for Governor Cuomo

Esq. Stephen B. Hanse in Legislative

On Monday, July 1st, Courtney Burke, former Commissioner of the New York State Office for People with Developmental Disabilities, assumed the position of Deputy Secretary for Health for Governor Cuomo. James Introne retired on Friday, June 28th.

On Tuesday, July 2nd, Stephen Hanse, Esq., NYSHFA’s Vice President for Governmental Affairs, sat down with Ms. Burke to welcome her to her new position.  Among other things, Mr. Hanse and Ms. Burke discussed a number of legislative and regulatory issues affecting NYSHFA/NYSCAL members at the present time.  These issues included nurse staffing ratios, safe patient handling, executive compensation, unfunded mandates, transitioning to managed care, and providing services and care under the Medicaid Global Cap.  Additionally, Mr. Hanse and Ms. Burke discussed general efforts to advance proactive measures that benefit residents and support skilled nursing and assisted living providers.

During the meeting, Ms. Burke noted her interest in the 21 Personal Outcome Measures developed by the Council on Quality and Leadership.  These 21 personal outcome measures represent a departure from traditional quality systems and are organized into three factors: My Self (who I am as a result of my unique heredity, life experiences and decisions; My World (where I work, live, socialize, belong or connect; and My Dreams (how I want my life, self and world to be).  Additional information on these outcome measures may be found at

NYSHFA/NYSCAL looks forward to working with Ms. Burke to ensure the continuing vitality of New York’s skilled nursing and assisted living provider community.



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