Join Us for Not for Profit (NFP) Providers Day


AHCA/NCAL is excited to announce its first Not for Profit (NFP) Providers Day held during this year's Convention & Expo in October. Session attendees will hear from leading industry experts as they discuss topics that are critical to long term and post-acute care. NFP Day is part of the "full" registration package or can be purchased as a separate ticketed event. You can earn up to 6.5 CEU's by attending this event.

Register for Convention and save - the Early Bird registration deadline is July 19.

Take full advantage of the education sessions offered during NFP Providers Day

 Keynote Speakers:

Christopher Ridenhour,  If All Else Fails, Hug'em: ‑The Instructional Manual for Human Beings in the Workplace, this session will equip attendees with the necessary tools to move there organization to the highest aspirations from possibility to probability.

Steven Chickering,  CMS Update for LTC Providers, attendees will hear from CMS staffer as he discusses policy and regulatory issues impacting long term care.

Debbie DiVirgilio, Grant Funding: Keys to Success, will give attendees valuable focus on the identification of grant funding opportunities to meet program and organizational needs.

Jeff Call,  Strategy is important, but it's execution that counts, this hands-on working session will allow attendees experience what the best LTC companies in this country are doing, and apply these skills their organization.

Margaret J. Sumption,  Setting a Course in Stormy Seas "Creating and implementing strategic planning for the not for profit sector in the face of unknown policy, funding, and regulatory climate", this session maps ideas and resources for governing boards and senior leaders to partner in setting the course for their organizations, even in the changing climate of funding, policy, and regulation.

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