NYC Updates Evacuation Zones

Karen Morris in Clinical & Quality

NYC officials today announced final updates to the City’s hurricane evacuation zones (see attached.) The new Zones, 1 through 6, which will replace Zones A, B and C, now include an additional 600,000 New Yorkers not included within the boundaries of the former zones. The new zone system – first announced in the City’s Hurricane Sandy After-Action report last month – was developed using the latest Sea, Lake, and Overland Surges from Hurricane storm surge inundation maps generated by the National Weather Service and processed by United States Army Corps of Engineers.

The Office of Emergency Management’s Ready New York Hurricane Guide, which delineates the 2013 hurricane evacuation zones and provides critical information, is also available online at The guide will be available in print and in 11 languages, and all households and businesses in a hurricane evacuation zone will receive a Hurricane Guide in the mail in late June.

New evacuation zones now include:

• The residences of 37 percent of New Yorkers;
• An additional 600,000 New Yorkers;
• An additional 26 New York City Housing Authority developments, now totaling 175;
• Four additional hospitals, bringing the total from 21 to 25; and
• Nine additional nursing homes, bringing the total from 60 to 69.

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