DOH/ Provider Meeting Summary: May 2013

Nancy Leveille and Karen Morris in Clinical & Quality

The following topics were discussed today at the DOH/Provider meeting:

  1. Update on E-POC System: DOH announced that their system is just about ready to  accept Skilled Nursing Facilities’ Plans of Correction electronically. They are just finishing their testing of the system in July with a target date to start implementation in August. SNF who are surveyed after the system goes live can then start to submit their POC electronically. Within about 15 months all facilities will be online.

  2. Nursing Home Preparedness Survey: Michael Perillo, DOH Office of Emergency Prep, discussed:

    • The revised Nursing Home Preparedness survey tool. This survey was sent out to selected SNF yesterday via the Health Commerce System and is due no later than June 29, 2013. This survey is asking for updated information related to SNF’s assessment of sheltering in place; evacuation plans and agreements; and assessments of receiving facilities capacity levels.  If you need assistance while completing the survey, there is DOH contact information on the survey. They encourage you to communicate with them if you are having any difficulty with completing the survey. NYSHFA staff have been working closely with DOH and advocating for members’ needs  as they have been communicated to us during the last couple years’ storms and specifically from recent Super Storm Sandy “Hot Wash” sessions.

    • DOH is requesting that SNF review and update the communication section on the HCS as needed.

    • DOH is just completing their Patient Tracking tool. Target date for completion is August 1, 2013. Testing is currently being completed in the MARO region.

    • DOH is holding Nursing Home Evacuation/Shelter in Place Town Hall Meetings in June for the Hudson Valley, NYC and Long island regions’ SNF. Notices have been sent out and registration slots are still available.

  3. IJs: DOH reported that there are already 21 SNF cited at the IJ level for FY 2013. This is the same level that has occurred for the past few years at the 6 month point of the year. Medication administration is the top F-tag being cited at this level. In three separate cases, SNF have been given an IJ for not providing key medications such as insulin, warfarin and cardiac medications in a timely fashion upon admission or transfer back from the hospital. Some residents waited 24 hours to a few days to get their critical medications filled and administered. The Interact program for preventing unnecessary hospitalizations has a tool for Medication Reconciliation that may assist in preventing this issue and can be found at Preventing Abuse was the 2nd highest and RN assessment and professional practice was the 3rd top IJ cited. DOH is looking very closely at scope of practice levels and the quality of that practice as it relates to resident outcomes.

  4. Antipsychotic medication evaluation and reduction: CMS just released draft guidance to surveyors and surveyor training for evaluation of the use of Antipsychotic medication.  DOH is bringing all the surveyor staff from across the state together to view this training and discuss their process together in June. NYSHFA posted the CMS guidance and training information in a separate article in this member mailing today. We encourage you to review this information with your key clinical staff.

  5. CMS Sprinkler Waiver: as discussed in an earlier member mailing, DOH is accepting requests for waivers for the sprinkler deadline only if you have a current construction project approved and in progress that may delay the SNF from being fully sprinklered by the deadline in August.

  6. Central NY Regional Town Hall Meeting:  Nancy Finnigan reported on her first town hall meeting with SNF providers since she was promoted in her position of regional director. 65/85 SNF providers attended and their goal was to build better relationships and discuss current survey/quality activity to improve care in CNY. While these meetings have occurred in most parts of the state, CNY has not had one initiated by the region is a while. Ms. Finnigan plans to hold one for the Medical Directors on June 13, 2013 and 4 smaller LNHA/DON meetings in the future to assist with the vast travel distance in this region.

  7. CHRC: NYS Center for Justice: The DOH has created this new center to expand their screening and investigative process to prevent abuse, neglect and mistreatment to other parts of the health care continuum i.e. developmentally disabled population, children and family services, alcohol and substance abuse programs, and Intermediate care facilities. They will have their own training center, investigators and prosecutor. DOH has decided not to partake in CMS’ national background check program because of NYS’ intensive CHRC system already in place.

NYSHFA contacts: 

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Karen Morris
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