DOH: Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement Meeting re: I-STOP

Nancy Leveille in Clinical & Quality

On Wednesday, May 29, 2013, Nancy Leveille, NYSHFA, met with Terence O’Leary, the head of the Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement, BNE, Lawrence Mokhiber, Secretary , Board of Pharmacy, NYSED, and pharmacy consultants from OmniCare, Buffalo Pharmacies and Chem RX to discuss the Public Health Law enacting Internet System for Tracking Over- Prescribing (I-Stop) Act  on August 27, 2012. I-STOP goes into effect on August 27, 2013 and guidance and regulations for implementation are being finalized by the BNE and NYSED. See attached Chapter 447 PHL.

Our discussion with Mr. O’ Leary was to clarify the roles of Skilled Nursing Facilities, Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants (SNF, MD, RNP, PA) as it relates to I-STOP. Mr. O’Leary noted that a workgroup has been in place for months developing the regulations that are due out for comment very soon. The new law requires the DOH to update and modernize the Prescription Monitoring Registry, PMR, with a key goal of decreasing opportunities for “Doctor Shopping” to illegally obtain prescriptions from multiple practitioners. Therefore, the law will require Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants to preview a patient’s current and past controlled substance prescriptions via the PMR before ordering any new or continued controlled substances. One of the exceptions are for patients and residents who are in an institutional setting with a Class 3 or 3A pharmacy license (which most of our SNF have) and whose medications are ordered and  consumed at the facility. However, those residents who are being discharged to the community from the SNF, on a controlled substance, will require the prescribing MD, RNP or PA to preview the resident history on the PMR. This process is going to occur via the NYS Health Commerce System (HCS) and the MD, RNP and PA will need to get an account on the HCS to comply with this process. Once the regulations are complete, educational information will be forth coming from the DOH and BNE and NYSHFA will keep you posted. E-Prescribing and the effective disposal of controlled substances are also part of this law. Actions to assist with disposal of controlled substances in the community have begun. E-Prescribing has a target implementation date of January, 1, 2015.



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