CMS Issues 2014 SNF PPS Proposed Rule

Carl Pucci in Finance & Reimbursement

Last week, CMS issued its 2014 SNF PPS Proposed Rule for Medicare.  Provider payments are forecast to increase a net of 1.4% ($500M annually) during fiscal year 2014 (effective 10/1/13).  The net percentage of 1.4% is derived of a market basket increase of 2.3% less reductions for productivity adjustment and forecast error correction.  CMS has revised its cost base (used for the market basket index) from 2004 to 2010.  In addition, CMS is proposing to add the reporting of distinct calendar days of therapy to the MDS.  Please note the attached analysis summary from AHCA for further details, as well as a memo from AHCA President, Mark Parkinson, which contains the proposed rule.

Once the CMS rule is finalized, NYSHFA will recalculate and distribute provider PPS rates well in advance of the 10/1/13 effective date.



Carl J. Pucci
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